Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Gardner Pet Group strives to be a full partner for our customers. From the initial receipt of specifications through the final dock inspection, we believe in collaboration and continuous improvement. Our focus is the pet industry where we can provide our decades of experience, expertise, and global design capabilities on any project to ensure our client’s can bring high quality products into the market space.

Training Pad Production

Quality is the hallmark of the Gardner Pet Group puppy training pad production process. With one of the most consistent cores in the industry, our team of specialists can produce your pad to your demanding specification. There are a variety of additives and configurations we can produce with a myriad of pack counts in bags or boxes. Have a spec you want quoted? Contact us today! Don’t have a spec and need a bit of direction? We can help you determine the right product for your target audience.

Injection Molding

Our top of the line injection molding machines are at your service. Our systems start at 650 tons and go to 1,800 tons! At Gardner Pet Group, our goal is to provide you with advantages as it relates to Total Cost of Ownership. By offering lower MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) and shorter lead times, we can help reduce your overall inventory and carrying charges. Our larger equipment can manufacture the larger components that can be expensive to ship from overseas suppliers.

Blow Molding

The blow molding technology is perfect for the creation of bottles and pet gravity feeders and waterers. Our team is able to produce products of various sizes and complexities in an efficient and effective manner. As with the other products we manufacture, quality and timeliness are of utmost importance. Let us know how we can assist you in your product needs!